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FREE BUNDLE: The Shine Online Workbook & Success Bundle

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Is all the time you have to make a 1st impression!

So your website needs a crystal clear message that can attract their attention till they say “I want to work with her!” and contact you.

That’s why I’ve put together every client-getting secret I’ve tested, retested, and perfected over the past 10 years into a FREE 17-page workbook.

And I've included my resource guide FILLED with recommended systems to automate and power your online business.

FREE WORKBOOK: 15 Creative Ways to Automate Your Business

I’ve created this guide to inspire you to use marketing, sales, and business automation for your business! This guide is specifically tailored to coaches and speakers, but can be used for any small business.

4 WEEK PROGRAM: Email List Building and Marketing Automation Made Simple

Grow your email list with avid subscribers and automate your marketing communications ... effortlessly!

By the end of this 4 week program, you'll be ready to send emails like a pro!

CHALLENGE: The 3-Day Effortless List Building Challenge: Create a ‘gotta have it’ lead magnet that attracts a continuous flow of avid subscribers

Do you have a ‘gotta have it’ lead magnet?

    In this 3-Day Challenge, we work together to create the easiest way to grow your email list …

    Let me show you my easy peasy process that I use to produce list-building content that your tribe cannot wait to opt-in for …

    WORKSHOP: Automate & Launch Your Next High-Ticket Program

    Automate & Launch Your Next High-Ticket Program

    Discover how busy coaches can use marketing automation to save time and avoid overwhelm during the launch process.

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